Our Services


Project Engineering and Management

  • Preparation of feasibility reports with cost estimates, life cycle costing and presentation of alternative design proposals
  • Development of engineering design based on research and client’s brief
  • Detailed project planning, programming engineering design and technical specifications
  • Contract documentation, including price schedules and bills of quantities
  • Tender adjudication and contract negotiation
  • Maintenance and facilities management
  • Material management and quality assurance
  • Contract administration and inspection
  • Project and construction management
  • Financial administration and control
  • Detailed construction monitoring
  • Commissioning and project closeout

Electrical Construction Services

  • Electrification and low-cost electrical networks
  • Transmission lines, cable networks and electrical reticulation up to 132 kV
  • High and medium voltage outdoor and indoor substations and switching stations
  • Fault level calculation and load flow studies voltage regulation, technical and economical feasibility studies
  • Building electrical installations
  • Street light installation and maintenance, construction of building infrastructure reticulation
  • Electrification and sub-transmission projects
  • Pole testing and treatment, electrical network refurbishment projects
  • Maintenance of overhead lines, underground electrical reticulation
  • Wiring of domestic and commercial buildings, industrial installation and mini-substation
  • Stadia lighting installation, supply and installation of high masts
  • Data logging and recording of load patterns

health and safety

  • Compilation of the project specific health and safety plan
  • Conduct site health and safety Audits, issue reports.
  • Compilation of Emergency and rescue Plan
  • Conduct Site Safety Inductions
  • Compilation of the Health and Safety File
  • Conduct an incident Investigation and issue report